Finding Nemo: Summary and Analysis

[1. Select a full-length film and identify the title, writer, director, major actors and the year it was released.]

Title: Finding Nemo

Writer: Andrew Stanton

Director: Andrew Stanton (Dir) Lee Unkrich

Major Cast: Albert Brooks (Marlin) Ellen DeGeneres (Dory) Alexander Gould (Nemo) Willem Dafoe (Gill) Brad Garrett (Bloat)

Release Year: 2003

[2. Summarize the story and plot of your chosen movie.]

A clownfish named Marlin lives in an the Great Barrier Reef of Australia with his wife. Marlin and his wife Coral has hundreds of unhatched children that Marlin is excited but nervous about raising. Just as this scene plays out, a barracuda attacks Marlin and Coral’s home. The giant fish knocks Marlin unconscious. Upon awakening, Marlin realizes that his wife and all his unhatched children are missing except for one. Marlin makes a promise to always protect his one and only son no matter the circumstances. Marlin names his son Nemo, who grows into a young energetic fish who has a slightly deformed fin which is smaller than his other one. Just as Marlin promised, he attempts to protect his son. However, his protectiveness proves to be too much for young Nemo. On Nemo’s first day of school, Marlin embarrasses his son by constantly scolding him about being safe and not doing anything that would put him in any danger. Nemo then becomes upset at his father’s annoying persistence swimming away with his new school friends. Nemo and his friends swim to the edge of the reef where they spot boat in the distance. Nemo’s friends dares him to swim out into the open sea and touch the boat. So Nemo did.As Nemo completed the dare with confidence he began to swim back to his friends. As he is swimming back, a diver from the boat who is collecting fish, captures Nemo and begins tp take him away on the boat. Marlin, who was still hanging around at the school, quickly sses what is happening, and swims as fast as he can to help his. The boat is way to fast for Marlin to reach the boat. He calls out desperately for help, and the only fish around to hear his cries is a bubbly fish named Dorthy. She expalins to him that she knows where the boat sped off to. Excited about the news, Marlin follows her to find the boat. After swimming in all kinds of directions, Marlin realizes that Dorthy does forgot where she was swimming too. She explains to Marlin that she has short term memory loss. Lost in the open sea, A great white shark named bruce invites Marlin and Dorthy to a recovery meeting where bruce and other sharks are attempting to become “vegan” and no longer eat other fish. As the meeting is under way, Nemo spots a diver’s mask which belongs to the dover who captured Nemo. Marlin accidentally cuts Dorthy which triggers Bruce’s love for fish. Bruce then chases them into a shipwreck where Marin and Dorthy escape. Meanwhile, Nemo wakes up in a dentist office in a fish tank with other fish who have been captured. The other fish devise an escape plan that involves Nemo jamming the tank’s cleaning system forcing the dentist to clean the tank allowing the fish to escape through the dentist window in plastic bags and rolling into the sea. The plan goes wrong and Nemo and the other fish are unable to escape. Back in the sea, Marlin and Dorthy become discouraged with each other. At about that time, a school of fish hears Dorthy’s sadness and comes to the aid. The school of fish gives directions to Dorthy of how to get to the dentist office. Marlin who releazes that he needs Dorthy’s help begins to follow her to dentist. Unsure of what the directions were, Dorthy leads Marlin into a society of jellyfish. Dorthy becomes injured from the tentacles and Marlin then soon passes out also from the poison. They both awake on a turtles back who is traveling with other turtles who are riding the Great Current. Marlin tells the turtles of his dilemma and the word spreads across the whole ocean. A pelican who is a regular visitor of the dentist office hears of this dilemma and gives Nemo the word that his father is looking for him. Back at the dentist office, the dentist captures Nemo out of the fish tank to give to his niece. Marlin and Dorthy begin to be attacked by seagulls and Nigel the Pelican realizes the situation and realizes that Marlin is looking for Nemo. Nigel saves the two and takes them to where the dentist office is. When they arrive the see Nemo close to death outside of the fish tank. Dorthy and Marlin leaves with Marlin thinking his son is gone. However, Nemo escapes by swimming down through the office tank into the ocean. At this point, Dorthy and Malrin have separated ways but Nemo runs into Dorthy. Dorthy forgets that she was looking for Nemo. But then quickly realizes who he is. The three happily reunite, but then they get caught in a fishermen net with a school of fish. The all escape with the power and faith of the school of fish. Nemo and his father then return home and back to school.

[3. Discuss whether your film is presented chronologically or non-linearly. In your discussion, address the following:

a. Was the film presented chronologically or non-linearly? How did this aesthetic choice contribute to the general effect on the audience?]

Chronologically- the film was presented in chronological order. This allowed for more range of emotions, suspense, comedy, and interest for the audience watching the movie.

[ b. How are elements like character development or foreshadowing impacted by the choice of storytelling methods?]

The chronological order helped develop Marlins character and the story because it allowed for the whole story to unfold in a way that ended happy from all the unfortunate events that happened.

[4. If the film had followed a different presentation style, how would the general effect on the audience have been different?]

The audience may have been confused or not as engaged with the film if a non-linear approach would have been used. nemoFinding_Nemo_2