Sound Analysis of Grease


Describe each of the three basic categories of sound (dialogue, sound effects, and music).

Dialogue- Dialogue, when referring to film, is the spoken language between two or more characters in order to push the story and plot forward.

Sound Effects- In film, sound effects are artificial sounds other than speech or dialogue, which provides film with extra effects for dramatization.

Music- Music in films is often times referred to the score, which is the background music during the action of a scene (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2014). Music comes in many different forms and can either be a part of the action (as in a musical) or provide dramatization from scene to scene.

Explain how the different categories of sound are being used in your chosen film.

Dialogue- In the movie Grease, the dialogue is used in an over dramatic way to give the film more of a staged and Broadway tone. Additionally, the dialogue is used in a way that coincides with the musical aspect of the film.

Sound Effects- Sound effects are not used in a major way as that of the dialogue and music in Grease. However, enhanced sound effects such as car engines roaring, people clapping, rain falling, etc. all enhanced the dramatization of different scenes contained in the movie Grease.

Music- The most creative element and the component that made Grease a blockbuster hit the musical aspect of the film. Popular songs such as Grease Lighting and Summer Nights and number of Grease soundtrack songs are still popular today. The special effect that music had in Grease was that much of the dialogue and the music was intertwined and fit perfectly with the action and drama of each scene. The music in Grease easily made this film a timeless classic.

Assess the impact of sound in establishing the theme.

The theme of grease was the transformation and up’s and down’s of relationships that are apparent through the main characters Danny and Sandy. The dialogue and music was both centered around these two characters and the dramatic relationship between the both of them. The dialogue and music provided up’s and down’s of emotions that coincide with the movies theme of the difficulty and up’s and down’s of a relationship.

How does the use of sound inform the mood of the scene, or the film overall?

The sound informs and controls the mood of each scene of this film because this film is mostly based around the dialogue and music which it contains. When the director wanted the audience to feel a sad emotion, sad dialogue and music was used. When an energetic and happy emotion was intended, the proper music and dialogue was used to evoke this type of emtion.

Can you identify specific sounds in your film that allow you to infer a particular genre?

The performance of dancing and different songs such as Blue Moon and Sandy that was performed by the characters inferred the apparent genre of a musical.

Since each category of sound may produce a range of effects, how might you characterize the effects in your film? For example, realistic and expected sound effects may have a different effect on a viewer than exaggerated or unexpected ones.

The dialogue, enhanced sound effects, and musical aspects may be characterized as realistic, relatable, and projected. I believe that these categorized effects allowed the viewer to become fully delved in the film while offering dialogue and music to enhance the story and plot.

Assess how the scene or sequence would play differently if you changed or removed a key category of sound.

I believe if the element of music was taken out of Grease it would change the entire concept of the film and would completely change the genre of this film. The unique combination of music and dialogue us what makes Grease such a surprising film.



Goodykoontz, B., & Jacobs, C. P. (2014). Film: From watching to seeing (2nd ed.). San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc


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