Acting and Acting Styles

Identify three actors from your film and classify each according to the types of actors listed in your text.

John Travolta- Star

Olivia Newton-John- Star

Jeff Conaway- Wild Card

travolta  john jeff-conaway-grease

Explain your reasons for classifying the actors as you do. Use specific references to the film and pay special attention to how these decisions impacted characterization. Also, consider the impact of any realistic or stylized portrayals within the film.

John Travolta- John Travolta is a a star due to his many roles in many major films. Movies such as Grease, Pulp Fiction, and From Paris With Love are just a few examples of movies that has helped in John Travolta’s success in the movie industry. John Travolta made himself a star in Grease by taking lead in the movie and playing the character with top notch acting. Travolta’s personalty and acting abilities allowed him to create a unique style to his character that is forever associated with the theme of Grease.

Olivia Newton-John- Olivia Newton-John would also be considered as star. Thanks to her successful music career, her popularity in movie roles has been successful. Like John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John was able to take supporting main actor to a higher degree in the movie Grease, with ability to seamlessly combine her narrative and musical abilities with her character Sandy. Like Travolta, Olivia’s style of acting is uniquely associated with the theme and musical theme of Grease.

Jeff Conaway- I would classify Conaway as a wild card actor. Jeff Conaway has appeared in over 50 movies. However, only in a hand few has he been the actor that many recognize as a star. Conaway’s role in many films has been roles that he has had to play a completely different character than the other films he had appeared in. In every film he is able to bring a distinctive personality to the screen. Particularly in the movie Grease, Conaway brings a style that is just as unique as Travolta’s and Olivia’s, and an acting style is relevant to that of a Wild Card Actor.

Focus on one of the actors you’ve discussed. Based on other films the actor has been in, would this actor always be placed in the same category? If so, what does this say about the category or actor? If not, what can you infer about the flexibility of these categories? Provide evidence (references from other films, including film clips and stills) to support your argument.

John Travolta- Based on other films, John Travolta would not always be placed in the same category of acting as in the movie Grease. For example, Travolta takes on a completely separate role as in Pulp Fiction and From Paris With Love. John Travolta’s ability to switch roles so well from a musical broadway-feel actor to a character of romance or to a role of a bad guy has earned him roles in many major films and has brought him the attention that every star in Hollywood has.

john-travolta-pulp-fiction 8FDDCF26-AAE8-D979-900CC7F4359EF83C



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